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- Mark Colgan
How Your Adult Children Can Stop Relying on You Financially

By Mark Colgan, CFPGiving a hand to your adult children might look as simple as covering their phone bill, though it may be as significant as contributing to a down payment on a house. As children transition into adulthood, many may be hard-pressed to find a parent who loses the desire to support ...Continue reading [...]

- Mark Colgan
How to Invest a Financial Windfall

By Mark Colgan, CFPAcquiring an unexpected windfall can seem like a dream come true and can certainly help improve your financial situation and prospects if you make sure you handle it correctly. Whether you receive an unexpected inheritance, hit the lottery, win a lawsuit, or end up with an ...Continue reading [...]

- Mark Colgan
Avoiding Financial Struggles after Losing a Loved One

By Mark Colgan, CFPLosing a loved one comes with more than just heartbreak. There are a series of financial struggles the survivors will have to face, many which can have severe consequences if not handled properly. Fortunately, with the proper advice and guidance, you can mitigate or even avoid ...Continue reading [...]